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Rules posted here are considered global for the entire site, and certain forums will have additional rules not listed in this document. (they will be in pinned topics in their relative forums)


This document is clearly posted at the top of EVERY FORUM on Xbox-Scene, PS3Scene, and PSPScene.  It is your responsibility as a member to know these rules, become acquainted with them, and abide by them.  We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to ignorance regarding rules.  If you want to post on any of the forums governed by these rules then please, read and understand the following before doing so.


In addition to this document, some additional Rules are listed in the following:

XS TOS and User Agreement (members of XS must also abide by the TOS)

XS Newbie Forum Guide + Rules (you might as well read it, cause if you are new you need to know this stuff)

XS Buy and Sell Forum Rules (which includes a list of items we DO NOT ALLOW to be sold via XS forums)

XS Modchip Installers Forum Rules (similar to the BST rules with some exceptions/additions)

XS General / the Dump Additional Rules (timely additions)


PS3Scene and PSPScene will have similar additional rules, as each forum expands. As of right now both of those sites share the same forum/user database with Xbox-Scene, so for now they’ll share the same ruleset.


This document is updated frequently, and without notice. Review it periodically.



RULES UPDATE: November 22, 2007


In response to the recent LIVE bans, there are a lot of scared and frustrated people. We are trying to accommodate those people with a few rules changes. Read them carefully..


-People can discuss their firmware related issues, and only in the proper forums for it. (Firmware and Backups forums ONLY)

-People can discuss and state their firmware, drives, and method of construction for their backups, and whether or not they have taken the box or the backups in question on LIVE.


This is a big change to our XS Piracy related rules, as it will allow the membership free speech to mention they are using pirated backups. However.. they CANNOT do the following..


-People CANNOT list the GAME/PIRATE RELEASE GROUP for any image downloaded. We are not here to help people figure out what pirate releases, and what groups are deemed ok and passable on LIVE, and which aren't. People are encourage by XS, to learn to use the doc, tuts, and tools provided to make thier OWN backups in accordance with the specs as outlined by C4Eva's work.

-People CANNOT promote piracy, promote backups on LIVE. Prolonged comments, whether ethical, financial, or political about using backups on LIVE (a clear violation of LIVE TOS) will get you a ban. So choose every word on these issues carefully. There is no Reprieve. There is also no reversal of XS bans for people banned on this forum previous to this posting.


As always, links to piracy sites, direct downloads, torrents sites or trackers etc will of course earn a full ban on XS. All of the other XS rules are in full effect. Staff will still be very hard-assed and will continue to ban people who can’t abide by the XS rules, including these limited modified one for specific forums like Firmware and Backup forums on XS.







Account Names:

When making your account name, take the time to think about what you want to be known as. We will not change your name later if you request it. So, pick your name wisely. Don’t make a new account later for a new name, as we ban new accounts we catch for that. So take some time, and really consider the name you choose. Avoid fad concepts, as in a year or so you’ll hate the name. Trust us, we get a couple dozen change name requests per week, and we give them all the same answer.. no! Also, don’t make a new name for Xbox, PS3 and PSP forums. Only one name is needed, as it works globally across all of our site.


Please keep account names to 21 Characters or less. We can’t limit the software to 21 characters manually so if we find anyone creating new accounts with more than 21 character in the name we will either shorten the name or close the account. Names that are longer screw up the forum thread layout and make it harder to read the thread. When and if we need to shorten a name, the software will automatically send an email to the email address you used when you signed up. So, it’s in your own best interest to use a legit email. Failure to do so, will not allow you to sign up as a new account later.


Also, when setting up your account for the first time, take the time to come up with a password that is a combination of numbers, and both upper and lower case letters. This will produce a password that is extremely hard and time consuming for dictionary/bruteforce methods to crack. Make it at least 8 characters long.


While we don’t do reverse checking on your EMAIL account you use while registering, please provide a legit one. If there is an issue with your account, your EMAIL may be the only change you have of accessing your forums account again. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for anything and everything posted in your “name” on this site.


Guard your Name/Password carefully. We have no tolerance for people and stories about how friends, family and co-workers abused the account without your knowledge. Pleases will fall on deaf ears. 


Account Name Limitations/Restrictions:

·          21 Characters or less

·          No swearing

·          No Nazi “this or that”

·          No Racism/Racist Remarks

·          Avoid mimicking another users name for the purpose of pissing someone off.



Please, keep avatars to less than 40k in size. They can be animated (animated .gif only), but do not include any swearing, slanderous remarks, nude or pornographic material in the animations. Do not add antagonistic material designed to piss off other members, or staff of this site. Any avatar seen as being in bad taste, or clearly designed to be offensive will be removed. The Staff, and the staff alone determine what is in bad taste.


Avatar Limitations/Restrictions:

-       Keep it under 40k in size

-       .gif only

-       No Antagonistic/slanderous material

-       No nudes or pornographic material



As with the Avatars, keep signatures small, do not include any swearing, slanderous remarks. Also, do not included reference or links, direct or indirect to the following.. Piracy/warez files or sites, Xbox XDK/Sony SDK produced files, Nude or Pornographic images. Absolutely, no referral scam links, and no requests whatsoever for donations.


Signatures have the following limitations/restrictions:

·          Max 4 lines of text (as viewed on an 800x600 display)

·          No 'large' or 'largest' size

·          Max 1 image (gif/jpeg/png)

·          Max size image is 450(w) x 140(h) pixels (now Live Gamer Card Images will fit)

·          No animated gifs allowed! (this has been abused in the past)

·          No offending/illegal images or text allowed

·          No referral URLs of any kind

·          No requests for donations ever!

·          No Racism/Racist Remarks

·          No Slanderous/Antagonistic remarks **

·          No swearing!

·          No links, direct or indirect to Xbox XDK or Sony SDK produced files.

·          No links, direct or indirect to Piracy/Warez sites or files.

·          No links, direct or indirect to Nude Pictures, or other pornographic materials

·          No Links, direct or indirect to Game Roms (don’t waste our time telling us you have a right to it.. or you own the original, etc)


* Note: Signature Rules Exception for XS Staff, and other individuals as determined by the admin staff. The Moderators have the option of deleting, editing or removing ANY sig. (without warning the member if necessary)


** Members who frequent the BST or Installers sections should note that we don’t allow new threads slamming/slandering people or shops you’ve done business with. However, we allow you a single line of text, in your signature where you may politely list the names of individuals/shops you’ve had bad dealings with.


Making Posts/Threads/Topics on these forums:

It is expected, that if you are old enough to use a forum, then you are old enough to respect it’s rules and recommendations.


With that said, it is recommended that before you consider making a post in ANY forum on this site that you first review the Pinned/Sticky Topics at the top of the forum you are interested in. Chances are, anything you might want to ask, has already been asked and answered there. If not, do a search. No one likes to answer the same question a 1000 times. If you make a post that has been done many many time before, staff might close it, or merge it with others.


So.. before making a post, check existing topics.. both pinned, and by search. Still think you should/can make a post?


When making a new post, or topic, or replying to existing posts/topics this site expects you to not be rude, and do not flame others.  Avoiding swearing in a post, or in a topic as staff might remove (or make invisible to the membership) your topic or post.  (staff will rarely waste the time of editing your post. They have enough to do already)


Do not make any posts, or threads designed to be antagonistic towards members or staff on this site. It’s a waste of your time, and ours. Such posts/threads will get removed (or make invisible to the membership)


Do not directly, or indirectly link to sites that host or promote piracy/warez distribution. Do not directly or indirectly link to sites that host Xbox XDK or Sony SDK produced files. #Xbins is the only site/channel we’ll allow to be mentioned in the forums regarding hosted XDK produced files. As in other areas of the forums, no links or pictures of nudes/pornographic material.


Expect posts that are posted in the wrong forum to either get moved to the correct forum or to be dumped in the Garbage Bin. Expect the same with threads that get intentionally or accidentally (site hiccups) duplicated 2-5 times in a short period of time to be dumped or merged.


Do not participate in any thread that promotes or links to stuff in the restriction list. All that accomplishes, is bumping the thread and keeping it active. Do not act as police. We have staff who do that. If you feel you want to say something, send the offender a PM. Even better, alert the staff by using the Report This post Function.


Look for p_report button in the thread that concerns you or you feel should not be public on this site. Click it on the post you want to report, and fill in the details. This is the best way you can help the site and it’s staff keep people from abusing our site.


People who willingly help those, publicly or via pm, using this site/forums,  with items on the restriction list will skip the 3 strike system and earn themselves a BAN.


Posts/Topics have the following limitation/restrictions:

-       No swearing!

-       No antagonistic posts/threads designed to attack members or staff or to generally start flame wars

-       No Racism/Racist Remarks

-       No links, direct or indirect to Xbox XDK or Sony SDK produced files.

-       No links, direct or indirect to Piracy/Warez sites or files.

-       No links, direct or indirect to Nude Pictures, or other pornographic materials

-       No Links, direct or indirect to Game Roms (don’t waste our time telling us you have a right to it.. or you own the original, etc)





Things that will get you Temporarily Muted, Suspended, or outright Banned from the family of Forums covered by these rules.


We use a 3 strike system on this site for minor offenses, however the staff, especially the Head Moderators and Admins can side step that system and move your account right up to SUSPENDED, MUTED, and/or BANNED. 


Things that will get you a “strike” on this site include…


-       Swearing

-       Flaming

-       Spamming

-       Repeated Off Topic Posting

-       Slanderous/Antagonistic posts/signatures

-       Other signature violations


3 of which will earn you a MUTE or SUSPENSION of either POSTING or PM box privileges on this site.


Things that will get you BANNED…


-       Situations from the “strike” list taken to the extreme

-       Racism/Racist Remarks (we have no use for ignorant inbred morons)

-       Links, direct or indirect to Nude Pictures, or other pornographic materials.

-       Links, direct or indirect to Xbox XDK or Sony SDK produced files

-       Links, direct or indirect to Piracy/Warez sites or files.

-       Links, direct or indirect to Game Roms (don’t waste our time telling us you have a right to it.. or you own the original, etc)

-       Side stepping URL filters. If you have to “alter” an URL to make it appear, cause the proper one is filtered  “** BANNED ON XS ** etc.. you can expect to get banned unless you send a request immediately to HSDEMONZ to have it removed. If the req isn’t sent within ten minutes of the offending post your account will be closed.

-       Asking for, or offering to hand out or distribute HD-DVD or BD-DVD Keys, whether they are volume or player etc matters not. Making your own backups is one thing.. asking for KEYS.. or offering them to others is a different thing entirely.

-       Asking for or Offering GAMEFLY subscriptions for free or for a price. People wanting subscriptions can go to GAMEFLY and get their own.


The Staff will add to the warning system on your account as they see fit and will update the sites internal logs on you accordingly. If you have an issue with the staff and their decisions do NOT make a public post in ANY forum. (including complaints forum)


To discuss your Mute, Suspension, or Ban you can/should PM HSDEMONZ directly..


Click -> p_pm HSDEMONZ, Admin


Note: If you have been Banned, Do not bother contacting staff, moderators, or admin. Bans are permanent and non-negotiable. Rule of thumb, don’t get into trouble and you won’t have a problem.


Some of the Zero Tolerance Ban issues.. expanded and explained:


Posts, Avatars, Signatures, and Threads that will earn (guarantee) the user a BAN on their account includes:


·          Posting/Requesting/Offering direct or indirect links to Xbox Game Roms/Backups (on media, including Hard drives or burned media, RAR or Zip File, for download or for sale), MS Dashboard Files, and any kind of (direct, indirect, or Kazaa or Torrent type) link to Xbox XDK/Sony SDK Produced Homebrew

·          Posting/Requesting/Offering direct or indirect links to Retail or Cracked Xbox Bios Files and/or RC4 keys.

·          Posting/Requesting/Offering direct or indirect links to Personal Computer (PC) or Mac (or any computer system of OS for that matter) Commercial/Registered/Full Version Software Downloads or backups for sale.  Also, we don’t allow people to post serial numbers, keygens, etc for the same.

·          Posting/Requesting/Offering direct or indirect links for Game Console Roms (including, but not limited to XBOX, PSX, PS2, GameCube, All GameBoy, Nintendo, SNES, All Sega, ARCADE, etc.)  Collections or single roms for sale or trade are also not allowed. (Don’t argue about the age of the roms, the commercial viability of the roms, or the legalities as we don’t care)

·          Asking for help with downloaded or rented game backups. This site is not here to help people with their warez, regardless of how they have acquired them.

·          Posting/Requesting/Offering direct or indirect links to Pornography (softcore, hardcore, scat, hentai, animated, bukkake, kiddie porn etc) are not allowed. We also do not allow the sale or trade of these materials.

·          Racism – we will not accept people throwing around racist terms, calling people nigers or nazi’s etc.  Ignorant people with their out-dated inbred ideas are free to frequent sites other than XS.

·          Opening an account on XS, then posting your Login/Password on a Registration Avoidance site will get any account we find banned.

·          Side Stepping Site Filters, by being cute and using other methods, like high ascii, or telling people to spell it out.. spacing it out.. using asterisks “*”’s etc.




Specific Issues (Ignoring the following specific cases/rules in our policy will result in a ban.)




Anti-Moderator/Anti-Admin/Anti-Xbox-Scene Posts/Polls etc: Attempts to antagonize Staff of this site will result in bans. Attempts to cast XS in a disparaging light, or to defame or to slam the site and staff will result in the same.


Contests / Giveaways – Any person, site, or group wishing to post a contest thread on XS must first get permission from XANTIUM or HSDEMONZ.  It’s a privilege normally reserved for the staff of this site, and our sponsors. To become a sponsor follow these instructions: 


Xbox-Scene Ads/Sponsorship

PS3Scene Ads/Sponsorship

PSPScene Ads/Sponsoship (coming soon)



Donation Requests – do not post threads, or links or requests in your signatures for donations of any type on XS.  If you feel you should be allowed, contact HSDEMONZ for permission. Exceptions are made for Staff and selected individuals. (notable exceptions.. we allow MXM and CRAXTION to request donations.) Ignoring this part of the policy result in a ban. Far to often people have used this site as a delivery service for their donations scams, so our policy is to simply not allow them anymore.


Drug Use / Abuse: We allow only basic general discussion about Drugs and their uses/effects. We do not allow links to reference materials or site on how to use / grow / sell / trade etc any drugs.  This includes trying to sell drugs, or drug related materials on XS. You can discuss in general terms that you are a high, but if you encourage people to post or pm to contact you to get drugs, etc expect to have your account closed. XS is not here to help potheads get their fix.


Ebay Auctions for Illegal Items and/or items not allowed to be posted/discussed on XS: Do not post them on XS. We don’t need to see stupid people pointing out “look what Jimbob is selling.. an xbox full of..” (insert item here) that we don’t allow within our acceptable posting policy.  Ebay Policies and XS policies differ in many areas. Their policies do not concern XS.


Getestore and Similar “store” / commissioned pre-made store type conceptsNo Commission Based Sales. Period. This is pretty much a BST and BST360 specific rule. Any products offered for sale should be in direct possession by the seller. From now on, and new post in any of the BST sales type forums on XS, must list the products and merchandise in their entirety in the post on XS, or don’t bother posting at all on our site. To be perfectly blunt, XS is not here for you to make money. XS sponsors are the only exception to this rule. The items listed in any sales thread or post on XS, must actually be in the possession of the person(s) listing it for sale or trade. Selling items for a 3rd party business via a commission based "Ready Made Internet Store" does not constitute owning the stock, and will result in a closure of the thread, and possibly the account. We want members to be directly accountable for any actions/tractions they conduct on our site.


Girly Pin-Up Threads – do not post threads for girly pin-ups. We’ve tried this before and every time people have ruined the fun for the whole site by posting inappropriate photos. This is an Xbox site. No girly pictures period.


Gmail Invites for Sale, Trade, Auction etc: Do not post this on this site. Trade of any type for profit is against GMAIL rules.  Trading, selling etc of them on this site is against our rules. Due to spammers in the forums and via PM, even offering FREE Gmail accounts via forum, pm, or link in forum to sites or channels is now against our acceptable posting policy. If you want a Gmail account, go to the source.


Multiple Accounts – You don’t need more than one account.  If we catch you with them we’ll close all the accounts we find.  If we find that after a ban you’ve made more accounts, we’ll close them if we find them. We aren’t concerned if you claim to have turned over a new leaf.  If you continue to make multiple accounts and harass this site, you can expect the following: your account info to be posted publicly, including your email, and your IP. You can also expect us to contact your home ISP and forward info, logs, and descriptions of your activities.


Don’t be upset when and if your ISP locks you out. It’s been done. XS is not hear for you to abuse it. Yes, we have a lot of rules, but we post them clearly in every forum. It’s up to you to read them, keep up to date on them as they do get updated periodically.


N-Force or other similar NFO File listing servies and sites – If you post this crap on XS forums, you’ll earn an account ban. The XS News Page, and XS forums run with 2 different rule sets for a reason. People on the forums have taken the privilege of posting the NFO and turning it upside down into an entire PIRACY post of “where can I get it”, and “how do I use it..”. Guess what, NOT ALLOWED. Everyone posting links in the forums to THOSE types of NFO listing sites will have their accounts closed. Those who aid those looking for those types of files, or the ISO files discussed, will also find their accounts close. Not negotiable. Head Mod staff will suspend your accounts with no discussion, no warning. They will also close the discussions at their discretion. Anyone looking for that info can easily find it on the net without discussing it on XS. Anyone who makes a new post or thread wishing to discuss the legalities of their favourite NFO site can simply go to hell. This is our site, our rules. Don’t like it, leave it. Staff will also be closing those types of threads.



Outwar / Outpimp and other useless click point type games: Don’t even begin to argue their merits on XS. We see them in a post or your signature we’ll close your account.


Paypal Scams / Raffles (not just paypal..) / and Pyramid Schemes: Do not post this on XS. Period.


Promoting, Endorsing, and/or encouraging the use of Clone Modchips: Bans will be handed out without warning. This site values the Authentic Modchip market and it’s developers.  The Modchip teams are the ones who have helped to make adding a chip affordable and accessable to the average consumer via quality of parts, support information and innovation, and via sponsorship through their online retailers.


Clone makers add no value to the scene. People supporting the cloners can expect a short stay on XS.


Promoting, Endorsing, and/or encouraging the use of Clone Products: Bans will be handed out without warning. XS values the effort taken my manufacturers, small and large who make products for members of this scene. We don’t want to see others profit from the ideas and initiative of the originators.  If you make a product and someone has ripped it off in order to clone it, let HSDEMONZ know.  If the product being ripped off is/was a one-off or one of a kind this doesn’t apply.. but if you are or have made an effort to market these, and someone is now usurped your concept then we’ll respect the first and call the second a clone, and give the same treatment to the cloner of or product that we do to clone promoters of clone chips. (bans)  (example, someone makes a custom remote, and someone makes a clone of it.. the cloner can expect to get banned and his posted removed.  Example2, someone makes a third party replacement case, and someone else dupes that design, the cloner can expect to have his posts removed, and his account closed. Example3, someone makes a case riser kit, and someone rips that off and markets their own, they can expect the same as the first two examples.)


This isn’t an issue of legality, or copyright. We can’t enforce either. Nor intend to. However, legalities aren’t always what we are concerned about. XS is not the place to push, promote, or endorse the sale of cloned products period. This isn’t debatable, or negotiable. Other garbage sites can be used to do that.


Referral Scams: Do not post IPOD scams or other similar click me/ point schemes that allegedly get people free shit for doing next to nothing. If you post these Referral link type scams expect to be banned.


Registration Avoidance Accounts/Sites: If you sign up on XS, and post your login/pass to one of those sites expect it to be close if found. XS has a minimal registration scheme that takes 20 seconds and doesn’t harass you. Hell, registration isn’t even necessary to enjoy 95% of this site. (It’s only necessary if you post or need to search.) So make a real account, and don’t be an ass.


Satellite Hacking: We allow only basic general discussion about satellite hacking, hardware used, and method employed. However, we do not allow links to Hardware Sales, or site with links to sales, trades, or reference resources. We do not allow links to people, sites, or sales/traders of satellite cards.


Spam – Commercial, promotional, or just plain dumb and moronic spam on the forums will get deleted or moved to the Garbage Bin. XS is not here to help you get members for your Site (whether or not it’s xbox related). XS is not here to help you gather points, clicks, dollars etc.


Warning and/or Bans will be handed out to spammers. Furthermore, sites that do so can expect to have their sites added to shit filters. Site used to host pics or other materials spammed on XS can also expect to get permanently shitlisted as well.  We are not concerned that the owner of a shitlisted site was not responsible for the spam, if we find a site is being spammed on the forums here or via email to prevent continued spamming the site listed will be shitlisted.


Torrents: Do not post them, and do not post Links or Urls to Torrents Link Sites. We treat them as direct and indirect links to warez. (don’t waste our time and yours arguing how they are good for legal file dissemination as we don’t want to hear about it.)


Rules - Fin







Final Notes and special situations…


Some important things members should note and consider before posting anywhere on Xbox-Scene, PSPScene, and PS3Scene.


Members posting stuff they shouldn’t? 

Acceptable Responses: Use the REPORT THIS POST BUTTON p_report

on the particular post. Senior staff will be alerted to it and will eventually follow up on it.  If something doesn’t happen within 24 hours and you are still concerned, contact the local forum moderator of that particular forum and address your concern to them. A list of the local moderators, global (head-mods) are listed here: Staff After that.. following a reasonable amount of time if something is still not done contact HSDEMONZ.


Non-Acceptable Responses: going apeshit on the user, cussing them out etc. By all means show them a link to the rules but allow the moderators to do their jobs. Flames and antagonistic behavior does nothing more than act as a lame way to raise your post count.


“Holy Shit.. you %$#^% posted my IP and personal account info..” Yup. If you abuse XS.. especially by making multiple accounts or spamming us or posting warez etc, you can expect to get exposed. You can also expect us to contact your ISP and to let them know about your activities. Many things people do on XS to get themselves banned, can get them locked out by their ISP as well. You’ve been warned.  The Forums are governed by these rules.


“^%$^$ you guys blocked my IRC channel, or my Xbox related site…” Yup. We’ll do that for any number of reasons. First, XS is not here to help you promote your site. Especially, if all you intend to be is a clone of us.  Your Channels, also don’t concern us. Keep your IRC channels.. on IRC.  Exception to this: Is if you are a legit dev team, then we’ll try and accommodate you. Maybe even offer you hosting. However, if all you are is a bunch of twits on IRC with some lame channel, and harass XS on this site, or worse, harass us on IRC, don’t be upset to find your channel name is shitlisted. We don’t like to bring IRC issues to the site.. but in many cases, we have to step in and block you out to preserve this site and it’s policies.


“Free Speech blah blah blah”: XS is not concerned about what is and isn’t allowed on the internet, or what is or isn’t allowed to be said or typed or linked to in your home country where you sit and read this.  Posting policy is dictated by the rules listed here and other documents on XS. Abide by them or leave. XS is an Xbox information archive but it doesn’t mean it’s open season for free speech or people who tend to abuse it.


“Such and Such is a post whore…”

Acceptable Responses: either ignore them.. or contact a moderator.


Non-Acceptable Responses: starting threads or polls to slam the “post whore”


Do you have an issue or concern about a member of the XS staff?

Acceptable Responses: Contact HSDEMONZ. I manage the staff, and one of the duties I perform is ensuring the staff stay focused and act according to the rules. We have a great staff here on XS, but conflicts do occur on occasion.


Non-Acceptable Responses: Trying to rip a staff member a new hole.. or otherwise engaging in unconstructive self gratifying antagonistic behavior towards the staff member.. or engaging in threads or starting polls whose purpose is to take shots at that same staffer.


“Dude.. Everyone pirates and downloads.. so…”

Not everyone is a pirate. Just because people in your own circle do doesn’t mean everyone does.  Sweeping generalizations that everyone pirates is ignorant to say the least. Regardless if you are going to make threads or arguments like these on XS you will find your stay a short one.  Also if we find that the wording of your post implies or outright endorses, promotes and testifies to piracy expect the thread to be closed.


“Why do my Questions get ignored?”

Chances are you didn’t take the time to think about what you are writing about. Poorly worded topics and posts are commonly ignored. They are even more commonly shit / flamed on. If you expect a response to your question, take some time and think about what you are asking. Consider reading this Newbie Post Guide before whining and complaining your post is ignored.


“Which “x” is best..”

Insert just about anything for “x”.. dashboard, utilities, modchips, etc.  This isn’t always a quantitative question to answer. If you ask a question like this expect a lot of people to slam you for asking it as it has been answered 100’s of times already. Also expect for the fanboys to appear from both sides of an issue and stake their ground in your thread.  Best recommendation.. read.. read.. and read some more. Then if you still have a question which is best for you then by all mean put on a pair of hip-waiters and get hip deep in what will follow your initial request for this info.


“Why did Xbins Ban me.. and can someone here plz unban me from Xbins…”

Being banned from Xbins is almost never an accident. Usually.. the person banned ignored the clearly posted rules and got greedy and leeched files beyond their acceptable daily limited. Wait out the ban, and proceed on another day.  Leeching from Xbins is a moronic thing to do, it’s a great service that has archived the entire scene’s worth of useful developments. However, leeching 100 of files you can possibly use in a single day is stupid to say the least. Furthermore Xbox-Scene is not Xbins, and we won’t help you to get un-banned there. Bottom line: you got banned from Xbins - we don’t care. Consider reading the Xbox-Scene Tutorial: Guide to Using Xbins


“Can someone help me with my downloaded copy of ‘x’ game I got from newsgroups, kazaa, and/or torrents…it’s not working…”

Trust me as soon as a staff member sees this, you will have your account closed. Xbox-Scene is not here to help you in any shape or manner getting downloaded or rented backups to work.


“I’ve been here awhile… why doesn’t my post count go up?”

Simple.. some forums allow for post count to be added with each post.. some do not. Generally.. post count is disabled for General Chat forums, and Sales Related Forums.  Asking why your count doesn’t go up will just expose the fact you are not acting as a good member of this site. This has been discussed in depth many times. For more info: Why Doesn't my Post Count Go up?


“PM or EMail me for ‘x’…”

If ‘x’ is something that isn’t supposed to be discussed on XS as per the Rules/Posting Policy, expect for a staff member to request a ban on your account. If you use these methods to distribute files we don’t allow on XS.. expect someone to close your account without warning, and to take efforts to block your name, ip, url, email etc from being displayed on XS.


Why am I being hassled about not posting in English…” While ScenyX and it’s sites are global, including Xbox-Scene, forums.xbox-scene.com and PS3Scene.com our membership is largely English. It’s the common language of the internet. Either post in English, or make a reasonable effort to post a translated version of your post with your native language post. Do this either by using an number of free online translators provided by google.com or other online services. Alternatively, feel free to get other members to work with you in translating your work. Failure to do either, may get you noticed by staff, and they may either close your post, and/or temporarily make it invisible until you provide a translation for it at which point upon approval it will be edited and made visible again. Fighting staff on this policy will do little more than get your account suspended.


“Why is ‘x’ account banned?.. why was my account banned?.. why was his/her account banned?”

The answer is simple, they/he/she whatever violated more than one of the rules. Get Over it. Don’t waste time asking why someone was banned. If it wasn’t you then it’s simply none of your business and if it was you you already know why as the rules are clear. Bans are perm and non-negotiable.


“I was banned because my brother/mother/sister/co-worker/rabbi/priest/whatever login into my account and caused trouble can I have my old account back?”

No. While you are a member of XS you are solely responsible for all actions carried out on the account. If you leave a cookie on it that allows someone else to easily login as you at home or at work or at a public place and actions are taken on the account that get it banned, expect the ban to be perm.. And a new ban placed on your new “account”.  Experience has shown that these situations are for the most part bogus and people use these excuses once they’ve been caught and banned and realize we are watching and banning their new accounts. Just because you think we are stupid and might believe your story do not think for a moment that we will or that a creative story will change the result. If you value your access to Xbox-Scene don’t be an ass and protect your account name and password.


“I mistyped my name can someone change it for me?…”

No. When you signed on you have an opportunity to select your name. If you can’t take the half second necessary to make sure it’s correct then you are likely not going to be the kind of member we care to have on this site. We have little use for lazy people.


Also if we started changing names for people it would never stop. We already get a lot of request each day for this. There are a number of reasons we don’t do this, one of which being to protect members from other members who would use name changing to deceive them. Regardless, we won’t be changing your account name. Use the account you have.


“The developers of ‘x’ who are also moderators of ‘x’ forum on XS are on my case…”

Well this can be a sticky situation. Generally, especially with the official forums for some of the teams we have we give them more leeway to deal with ignorant trouble makers.  So, if you’ve cause them grief elsewhere like on IRC and they seem harder on you on the forums here than on other members then either grin and bear it or leave. However, if those same moderators are abusing their privs then by all means contact HSDEMONZ with links to Urls and I’ll investigate the matter. Keep in mind that I will lean towards the side of the staff in a ‘he said / she said’ matter. That’s not to say that I won’t remove an abusing moderator as I have removed a number of them. Bottom line.. play nice and don’t go out of your way to piss people off.


“Xantium, Syrus, Venom or HSDEMONZ banned me from the IRC channel ^%$, unban me, or help me get unbanned please… or WHY was I banned on IRC..”

First.. On this site.. we don’t give a shit what happened to you on IRC. Second, the channel is only loosely affiliated with Xs. We simply have it so others don’t shit on our name. We set the rules, and change them as we see fit. If you don’t like it feel free to start your own channel. (same applies to this site.. feel free to make your own community). We’ll also ban your Xs account on the site if you intend to log onto XS and stir up trouble, even if it’s as little as simply asking WHY you got banned on IRC. Leave IRC.. to IRC. If you can’t get a response on IRC.. then tough. Sucks to be you. Honestly. WE DON’T CARE.


“Xbox-Scene should allow us to donate $$$ to support the site, and maybe to earn special privs like status, title, posting, editing, possible email accounts, or other privs…”

No. When and if we decide to do so it’ll be clearly posted by senior staff and nobody else. At XS, we don’t want or need a class system that would be created by that scheme. XS also isn’t here to make money. Our goal is only to make the funds necessary to stay afloat and pay the relevant bills. Advertising currently covers expenses, so the member does not need to be concerned.


Feel free to buy T-Shirts, and/or any other merchandise we make available to the public at a later time.


“Too damn many rules, this site has gone to hell..”

No Problem. We have a Love It or Leave It policy. The shenanigans of the morons on this site force us to make policy that sometimes pisses off the rest of the membership. Instead of bitching out a moderator, Admin, etc go bitch at the fools that ruin it for everyone.


If you intend to just bitch out the staff.. don’t be surprised if you get ignored.. or find your account eventually closed. The staff are busy, and already over-burdened.




Contact HSDEMONZ for any clarification of these rules.  These Rules subject to change at any time without notice. Exception to the rules may be made for staff on a case by case basis as determined by the Admin staff.



Rules and Acceptable Posting Policy for Xbox-Scene

 Updated : November 22, 2007